The 2023 Montana Personal Finance Challenge will open in the spring with a champion announced by April 2023.  

Participation will be free for schools with a chance to win cash prizes wit the online program.

As always, all top performing teams will have a chance to compete at regional and potentially national competitions. 

 Teams of 3-4 students will compete individually and as a team. Each team member is given a unique access code to compete in the preliminary online competition while being monitored by a teacher.

The questions are designed to test students’ knowledge in 10 areas of personal finance: thinking economically, earning income, paying taxes, budgeting, saving, financial planning, investing, borrowing, banking and financial institutions, and insuring.

Each team’s score will be determined by combining the scores of the three highest-scoring individuals in each category. 

All high school students are eligible. Teachers may enter multiple teams. There is no registration cost to teach­ers or students to participate in the Challenge. 

Provide students interested in personal finance the opportunity to gain more knowledge and showcase their skills in a fun and competitive manner.