About Us

The MCEE is committed to offering programs that are fair and balanced and address a wide variety of economic issues. This includes economic development, employment, the environment, taxation, education, government, personal economics and a wide variety of other related topics.

The MCEE has a board of directors from across Montana representing business, education, government and agriculture. One of MCEE’s first executive directors was Dr. Terry Anderson, now executive director of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC), who served from 1976-86. Dr. Norm Millikin, a retired Montana State University College of Business professor and marketing consultant, served from 1986-2008.

Connie Genger, Former Executive Director, a semi-retired business professional and former board member, served as the executive director after Norm.

In 2015, MCEE hired Dax Schieffer as the Executive Director. Schieffer comes to MCEE after an 18 year career in the private sector as an executive for Boyne Resorts at Big Sky Resort. He is principal of an executive management company that specializes in non-profit management, public relations and human resources consulting.