Get Ready for the 2023 Montana Economics Challenge!  

As always, all top performing teams will have a chance to compete at regional and potentially national competitions, which will include an all expenses paid trip to New York City. 

Montana will host its challenge the spring of 2023, all online.

Montana High School teachers are invited to incorporate economic learning in their classrooms and assemble teams to compete in a challenging array of tests covering concepts, issues and reasoning.  

Please contact MCEE at if interested in sponsoring the event or volunteering.

Teams are comprised of three or four students who compete individually and as a team.  Essentially, each participant takes a 15-question, multiple choice test in each of the following three areas: microeconomics, macroeconomics and international trade and economics.  The top two teams from each division after the first three rounds will compete against each other in a buzzer round on general economics and current events to determine overall division winners.