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Poverty & Policy

Understanding the causes, consequences and current programs to address poverty in Montana and the United States.   April 7, 2017 – MSU This one-day public conference will bring together researchers, policy makers and advocates to share insights about policies and programs designed to alleviate poverty, with a particular focus on healthcare, nutrition, work and assistance, […]

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Montana State University Electronic Learning Modules

The eighteen Economic Learning Modules (ELMs) are specifically designed for teachers with little or no formal economic training. Modules one through nine emphasize basic principles of economics. The ten to eighteen modules apply the principles to issues relevant to Montana students.   Each module is complete with a basic concept description for teachers, an outline of […]

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Webinar Training Options – Recorded (K-12th)

Below are links to recorded webinars for certain programs and resources available for playback at any time: CEE Online Assessment Center for Econ & Finance Stock Market Game Registration Demonstration Stock Market Game Teacher Resource Center Overview Gen i Revolution Teachers Tools Insight into Using the New Learning Earning & Investing Resource High School Economics […]

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Sports Economics: To Build or Not to Build

Essential Question: Why did the Atlanta Falcons and the City of Atlanta partner to build a new $1.4 billion dollar retractable-roof stadium? On September 30, 2013 the Atlanta Falcons, the City of Atlanta, and the Georgia World Congress Center Authority announced they had officially selected a site for a new retractable-roof stadium. The site, just […]

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Mexico and China Are Very Different Trading Partners

With free trade under fire from the incoming administration and under question from many other quarters, it is U.S. trade relations with China and Mexico that have been getting the most attention and criticism. That makes sense, given that those are two of this country’s three biggest trading partners — and the third is Canada, which is hard to get […]

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Fed Hikes Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday decided to raise its benchmark interest rate, as expected, and upped its expectation for the number of rate hikes in 2017. This move, which markets saw a 100% probability of, will increase the target of the federal funds rate — which banks use to lend to each other overnight — […]

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