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Links for Other Helpful Resources (K-12th)

Below are links to some resources we hope you will find helpful.


Grade Elem (E) Middle (M) High (H) Adults (A) Topic Econ (E) Finance (F)
Classroom Clues – Free Website for K-6 literature books with economic concepts E, M E, F
Common Core Alignment for CEE Publications E, M, H Common Core
Consumer Jungle – interactive tool to teach kids under 18 to be responsible consumers M, H F – consumer information from the U.S. Federal Government H F
Council for Economic Education–  LESSONS – Inventory of K-12 on-line lessons for econ, finance & entrepreneurship  – sort by grade, concept, title or standard.  Contact KCEE to find out how to get FREE or discounted copies of resources.  E, M, H E
Dismal Scientist – current events, global economic and financial facts, etc. H, A E, F
EcEdWeb– resources for teaching K-12 economics created by the UNO Center for Economic Education.  E, M, H E, F
EconEdLink – on-line K-12 Lesson Plans organized by grade level or standard, great resource for current events, resource for helping prepare & teach economic lessons using the Internet.  Videos, activities, lessons, glossary, etc. E, M, H E, F
EconEdReview – Teacher Reviews on Economic Education Lessons on the Web
Econ-Fun – economic education resources for elementary & middle school E, M E, F
Economagic – economic time series data for research including statistics from the Federal Reserve, Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor, etc. H E
EconSources – economic education resources
Federal Reserve Bank Education – K-12 education resources for teachers & students E, M, H E, F
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – K-12 education resources for teachers & students E, M, H E, F
Federal Trade Commission – consumer information M, H F
Finacial Fitness for Life – K-2, 3-5, 6-8, & 9-12 curriculum for teaching personal finance.  Excellent resource.  Contact KCEE for info on how to get this resource for your classroom at no cost. E, M, H F
Feed the Pig – financial calculators M, H F
Financial Foundations for Kids – Free Personal Finance Resource (for K-8 and used in some high school) created for Kansas teachers to meet KS economic & financial literacy standards along with strong math & language arts ties.  E, M, H E, F
Financing Your Future  a c- A complete personal finance program on DVD for high school teachers and their students. H F
Foundation for Economic Education – on-line lessons plans from Ideas of Liberty & The Freeman H E
Foundation for Teaching Economics – teacher education resources M, H E
Gen I Revolution – FREE Personal Finance Game for grades 6-12.  A thorough teacher’s guide is available once a teacher registers to participate. M, H F
Hands on Banking – FREE Kids through Adults Personal Finance Program and Banking with teacher guides E, M, H, A F
In the Mix-Financial Literacy – PBS on-line lesson plans for personal finance H F
ItAllAddsUp – financial education resource for teachers & high school students H F
Jumpstart Coalition – financial literacy resource E, M, H F
Kansas Securities Commissioner – investor education resources
Kansas State Standards – including standards for economics E, M, H E
Kansas Penny Budget Game – a simulation using the Kansas 2003 budget
Kids Econ Posters – economics site by the Indiana Council for Economic Education which includes posters, songs, games, activity cards and more ideas for teaching elementary students.  Site includes links to other great econ, finance & entrepreneurship resources. E E, F
Learning Earning & Investing – personal finance resource 4th-12th grade.  Has a great compound interest calculator/graph in interactives section.  Contact KCEE to find out how you can get this resource free for your classroom.  E, M, H F
LifeSmarts– consumer education resource for grades 6-12.  Free lessons plans for teachers, quizzes, scavenger hunts, etc.  Has a competition available for students to participate in at the National and Kansas level for high school students and state level for middle school students. M, H E, F
Market Mechanics – Nasdaq produced stock market education material – to order copies along with the accompanying CD-ROM – email your request to
Minyanland – FREE game for youth.  In this virtual community kids and families learn more about earning, spending, saving & giving through games and interactions that are entertaining and educational.  Designed for grades 3-5 but works well for all ages. E, M F
Money Management International – financial education resources
Money Savvy Generation – K-4 money management skills- lessons w/piggy bank E F
Museum of American Finance – historical site M, H F
My College Money Plan – Free resource to plan for the cost of higher education H F – FDIC financial education website
The National Budget Simulation – simulation where students see trade-offs policy makers create when creating budgets and dealing with deficits.  Uses the 2006 budget. H F
National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) – free HS financial planning program H F
Personal Finance Course Outline – customizable outline for Kansas & Missouri teachers – BEING UPDATED RIGHT NOW H F
Practical Money Skills for Life – FREE teacher resource for money management H F
Reality Check – online activity for calculating the cost of living on your own – great eye opener for MS/HS students – sponsored by Jump$tart Coalition M, H F
Stock Market Game™ – FREE stock investment simulation & education resource grades 4-12.  Full Curriculum provided for teachers in many subject areas.  Lessons correlated to state and national standards, including common core.  Team fees in Kansas provided for schools by KCEE contributors.Link to more resources for the Stock Market Game and Training Videos E, M, H E, F
Tax Interactive – teacher’s toolkit for integrating taxes education in classroom H F
The Mint – MS/HS student, parent & teacher financial education resource M, H F
UMSL Center for Entrepreneurship & Economic Education – many wonderful K-12 teacher resource listing
Ump’s Fwat – A FREE humorous video clip/booklet to help people of all ages understand basic economic principles E, M, H E, F
Virtual Economics 4.5 – Amazing resource for all K-12 teachers E, M, H E, F
Yes, You Can – Free financial education resources from American Century Investments M, H F
Wise Pockets World – financial education resource for teachers, students & parents E,M F

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