Montana State University Electronic Learning Modules

The eighteen Economic Learning Modules (ELMs) are specifically designed for teachers with little or no formal economic training. Modules one through nine emphasize basic principles of economics. The ten to eighteen modules apply the principles to issues relevant to Montana students.   Each module is complete with a basic concept description for teachers, an outline of content standards covered, lesson procedures, and overheads.   Activities help students easily grasp the material and quiz/discussion questions are presented that will help measure student learning and retention of the concepts.  

Educators who present these modules will introduce their students to economics and improve their understanding of the world.   Economics helps provide the tools necessary for critical thinking and the reasoning power that will help students to make better decisions throughout life.

Great appreciation is extended to the many teachers that helped test, edit, and modify the modules to ensure a high quality product that is both teacher and student friendly.
Holly Fretwell Dr. Randy Rucker Myles Watts
Ms. Holly Fretwell
MSU Economics Adjunct Instructor
 Dr. Randy Rucker
MSU Economics Professor
 Dr. Myles Watts
MSU Economics Professor

Economic Learning Modules (ELMs)
(all files in PDF)
dotELM #1 ScarcitydotELM #10 Minimum Wage
dotELM #2 Opportunity Cost dotELM #11 China and Montana
dotELM #3 Exchange and TradedotELM #12 Gas Prices
dotELM #4 Comparative AdvantagedotELM #13 Property Rights
dotELM #5 Incentives MatterdotELM #14 Externalities
dotELM #6 PricesdotELM #15 Native American Poverty
dotELM #7 Firm BehaviordotELM #16 Business Economy
dotELM #8 Consumer Choice DemanddotELM #17 Myths of Recycling
dotELM #9 Market EquilibriumdotELM #18 Biofuels

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