High School Business Challenge

The Montana Chamber Foundation sponsors an exciting business simulation called the Montana High School Business Challenge.

The program runs for eight weeks each semester of classes, spring and fall. Over 1,500 students compete annually in the HSBC. More than 19,000 Montana students have participated since its inception, with over $80,000 in scholarships having been awarded.

The High School Business Challenge is an simulation in which students manage a company. Students are required to make decisions in the areas of price, plant size, amount of production, advertising, human resources, etc. Decisions are made once a week, with each decision representing one quarter in the life cycle of the business and resulting inputs are due each Wednesday.

The top eight teams (statewide) that have the highest overall stock prices are awarded college scholarship monies by the Montana State Chamber Foundation and the Student Assistance Foundation.

Teachers who have participated in the highly popular and successful High School Business Challenge (HSBC), sponsored by the Montana Chamber Foundation, state that training plays an important part in the ease with which the simulation is played.

If you would like to participate and require training, or would like further information, please contact Tim Alzheimer at timalz@montana.edu or 994-2263. For a copy of the teacher’s manual and more information, go to www.mthsbc.com.

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